Saturday, December 09, 2006

Chocolate Revolution!!!!!

Do you like Chocolate?

I LOVE it!!!!


such a kind of lovely sweets has not sweet story....

means what???

where they from?

most of them are from west Africa.

How the cacao caught in the farm?

By Children...

They terribly have been had to work hardly all day long, everyday, without going to shool,
without freedom, without enough payment, without safety....

More thann 280,000 Children....


Because of US.

Because, we want cheap Chpcolate.

WE BUY it!


what we can do is....

Choose the chocolate.

That's the Chocolate's Revolution!!!!

Choose the one has certification: The cacao were not made by Children's work...

We are making lot's of Children to WORK.

We are terribly stealing their freedom and their life,

without notice...

that's all because of us,

so, We NEED CHANGE...!!!

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